Gorilla Coffee - Vanity Barcode

Gorilla Coffee

Gorilla Coffee worked with Vanity Barcodes to create a custom barcode of a gorilla fist gripping a coffee mug. The tight space required working in close cooperation with the brand’s design agency to work it into the package design.



Chia\Vie is a natural chia-based beverage based in Salinas, California. Their bottles feature a custom Vanity Barcode. The code runs vertically (ladder-style) for better scanning on a curved surface.


Howie & Sally’s

Howie & Sally’s makes a gourmet biscotti with lavish toppings and flavor add-ins. These biscotti are packaged in clear plastic with a label that runs from front to back. Due to the small footprint of the label, there was little that could be done to enhance the packaging without sacrificing space. They came to use to design a branded Vanity Barcode™, which …


Olli Salumeria

Olli Salumeria makes slow-cured meat products in Virginia, with the standards and quality of the original salame that you’d find imported from Italy. They sought to stand out from the more traditionally-oriented brands in the deli case with bright, refreshing packaging . The labels initially included all technical details such as ingredients and UPC number. To make the UPC area …


Elyon Marshmallows

Elyon Marshmallows makes a line of marshmallows marketed to adults and kids alike. The packaging features a series of marshmallow mascots. We incorporated these mascots into Vanity Barcodes, by allowing them to ‘play’ or interact with the code bars in different ways. Consumers responded with enthusiasm to these fun and unexpected touches of personality. Elyon Marshmallows are sold in hundreds of locations nationwide. …


Sara Snacker Cookie Co.

Sara Snacker Cookie Company makes delicious cookies in a variety of fun, creative flavors. The product packaging has a fun, yet home-made look/feel that the client wanted to carry through their line. We created a Vanity Barcode™ that looks as if a bite was taken out of it. It’s a subtle and unexpected detail that highlights the brand’s fun and lighthearted …