custom designer barcodes

If you're looking for a more exclusive option than a stock Vanity Barcode design, we offer a customization option.

Custom barcodes are perfect for companies that want to own their design and be sure no one else out there has the same thing. It also allows you to tie your barcode design directly into your brand identity, giving you limitless possibilities for creative tie-ins.

Contact us for more information on custom barcodes.

Case Studies:

1. Elyon® Marshmallows

elyon marshmallows custom vanity barcodes

To carry through the fun personality of Elyon® Marshmallow's new "mallow" mascots, we developed a series of three custom Vanity barcodes for their packaging. The barcodes alone captured the imagination of designer bloggers and got the attention of national chain store buyers who are now carrying the products.

2. Sara Snacker™ Cookie Company


Sara Snacker™ cookies packaging had very little design space, consisting of simple clear plastic containers and labels. To add some personality to the back informational labels, we designed a barcode with a "bite" taken out of it. The fun barcode also reinforces the tongue-in-cheek tagline, "You Know You Want One!". The newly packaged cookies got a lot of media attention including Snack of the Day on The Rachael Ray Show. They are sold in upscale stores like Zabars and Westside Market in NYC.

If you're interested in finding out more about getting your own custom barcode(s), please contact us for pricing and details.