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General Questions:

How can I be sure Vanity Barcodes will scan?

Due to our unique design and testing process and extensive knowledge of barcode technology we can assure our clients that their barcodes are as scan-compliant as regular barcodes.* During the development process, each design undergoes multiple tests. Your customized Vanity Barcodes are also tested once again to assure scan compliance. (*See Terms of Service for details. Also read our Technical Questions FAQ section below.)



Can I use my customized Vanity Barcodes on whatever I want?

You're free to use your customized designer codes for most applications, including packaging, brochures, print publications, broadcast, video, marketing and trade show materials, stationery, website, Twitter page and Facebook page. You may not use your customized code as a PRIMARY design element on products you intend to resell for profit, such as: mugs, t-shirts, promotional items, etc. Please read our Terms of Service for full details. If you are unsure, please contact us by e-mail.



Ordering Questions:

How do I order Vanity Barcodes?

It's easy! Browse our library of designer barcodes. Once you find the one you like, click on the Details button. This will take you to a page with a mini order form. You can select how many barcode #'s you want for your selected design and submit an order request. We'll then evaluate the criteria of your order request and determine if your print application is suitable for the design you've selected. If you meet our criteria, we email you a PayPal invoice showing your order total and how to pay. Once we receive your payment, we customize your codes and send them to you. (For more details on what you receive with your order, see 'What do I get?')




Can I choose more than one design?

You can select as many designs as you want, but the quantity discount applies PER DESIGN only. Submit your order request per individual design you'd like to order and we'll combine them on one invoice. Just be sure you use the same email address for all your order submissions.



What does it cost?

Please see our Pricing page for more information. We offer quantity discounts when ordering more than one code number per design.



Do I get a discount if I combine different designs in my order?

Discounts apply PER DESIGN. If you order more than one code per design, you get combination pricing within that single design on your order.



What happens when I submit my order request?

We get your order at Vanity Barcodes. We then calculate the total cost to you and provide a PayPal invoice to the email you provided. PayPal invoices are convenient and safe way to pay online whether you pay by credit card or PayPal. You'll get instructions on how to pay in your email.



What do I get?

Vanity Barcodes are customized for each unique barcode number you provide us with. You get a User Guide along with your codes in high resolution TIF format and vector EPS format. These are provided in your preferred method. We will send your User Guide and codes by e-mail. If you require another method we can send to your FTP server or online file-sharing sites. Codes are provided in the optimal standard size in the ideal colors for optimal scan performance. You are free to use your custom codes as you wish, as per our Terms of Service.



How long does it take to get my codes?

Standard turnaround time is 10 business days or less. Rush orders are by special request - contact us by e-mail for further details and pricing.


Technical Questions:

How can I be sure Vanity Barcodes will scan?

See question above, "How can I be sure Vanity Barcodes will scan?"



What kinds of barcode formats can I specify?

We can provide a vanity barcode for most code formats, including: UPC, EAN, JAN, ISSN, ISMN, ISSN, UCC EAN-128, GS1-128 and more. We don't recommend Vanity Barcodes for the following code formats: DUN-14, EAN-14, ITF-14, UCC-14, SCC-14. (Some designs may not be suitable for your requested code format. Please specify the code format in your order request. If we can't provide you with Vanity barcode for your required format, we'll let you know.)



Are Vanity Barcodes only for packaging?

Vanity barcodes are terrific for lots of items besides packaging. We also recommend Vanity barcodes for: books, periodicals, product coupons and music albums.



Is there anything you can't put a Vanity Barcode onto?

Very small objects that don't have enough space to work with are not recommended. If you are unsure if your product is large enough, please email us.



I'm worried that a Vanity barcode won't scan as perfectly as a regular barcode. How can I be assured it will scan?

We use a grading system from green to yellow to help you determine which barcode type is right for you.

Vanity Barcodes with a green rating scan 100% the same as regular (unadorned) barcodes. If your retail buyers have strict quality requirements and/or you expect less-than-ideal print conditions, we recommend using codes with a green rating only.

Vanity Barcodes with a yellow rating are more creative, even though they also scan perfectly in most cases.

Yellow rated codes aren't recommended for the following substrates and print processes:

  • flexographic print on flexible plastic film
  • low-resolution or high dot gain flexographic print on labels
  • low-contrast or irregular-contrast thermographic label printing
  • packaging subject to "frosting over" in a supermarket freezer case

Note: codes printed in the above listed methods may scan fine, but we do not recommend them. We highly recommend that you contact your print vendor to confirm anticipated print quality before ordering a Vanity Barcode with a yellow rating.

A word about ISO/ANSI grading:

When designing Vanity Barcodes we consider ISO/ANSI criteria, among other barcode technical criteria. We do not grade our codes according to ISO/ANSI standards since ISO/ANSI grading includes print-specific criteria. Since our codes are not in final printed format as we provide them to you, we can't give an accurate ISO/ANSI grade. The ISO/ANSI grading tests the anticipated performace of a printed barcode as it will actually perform in real world conditions on actual packaging or printed material. If you require an ISO/ANSI grade by your retail buyer(s), we recommend testing on-press with your printing vendor or 3rd party testing.



If you have any questions, please email us at