Barcodes are a universally-accepted method of encoding data for access by digital equipment, especially at retail. The format of barcodes used for packaged retail good is most often UPC (in the US) and EAN (most European and Asian countries). There are other formats that are used for publications and coupons, some of which can be customized easier than others. Vanity Barcodes™ most often customizes UPC and EAN code formats.

Our goal is to try to achieve maximum creativity, while retaining maximum scan grade-compliance (equal to a non-customized barcode). Our codes have a strong and growing track-record of seamless scan-compliance at retail level. Vanity Barcodes™ appear on our clients’ products sold in retail stores nationwide, including Whole Foods, Shoprite, Wegmans, Krogers, Linen & Things and many more.

Our method for altering barcodes is based on a combination of experience with the technical requirements of barcode scan compliance, and a first-hand understanding of branding (as the same founders behind branding and packaging design agency, Miller Creative). We evaluate various criteria that make up a barcode to determine what we can and cannot alter, while satisfying creative solutions that are on-brand and enhance the overall brand message.

Curious to learn more about the technical inner-workings of barcodes? You can read more about how Universal Product Codes (UPC)  and International Article Number (EAN) work here and here.