Incredible Things “Vanity Barcodes: Art Worth Checking Out”

“We’re definitely fans of products with pretty packaging, but there’s really nothing pretty about the functional stuff that gets slapped on top of it—like barcodes. Sure, barcodes save us from long lines behind old ladies trying to haggle (most of the time) but there’s just nothing that exciting about a series of vertical lines that represent a price. But it doesn’t have to be that way—the scanners can pick up the price regardless of the shape or context of those lines. Vanity Barcodes prove that point beautifully by converting boring barcodes into dramatic pieces of graphic art. Each vanity barcode was designed a with different type of products in mind, giving manufacturers one more opportunity to tie their brand to bold imagery. So be on the look out for barcodes shaped like food, drinks, electronics and all kinds of other fun stuff the next time you shop.”

Incredible Brands - Vanity Barcodes

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