TrendHunter “Product-Boasting Barcodes – Vanity Barcodes Makes Bland Boxes Brilliant”

“Having trouble deciding between two similar cereal boxes at the store? Vanity Barcodes may have a hand in your decision.

This innovative company has made bold breakthroughs with barcodes. Every single product bares a barcode, yet traditionally they are bland numerical images which go unnoticed. Vanity Barcodes aims to spice up product packaging with their literal barcodes; they transform the coded lines into clever images that reflect the product they are on.

Vanity Barcodes makes adorable graphics that would definitely make boring boxes more brilliant.

Implications – With so many similar products in the marketplace, it’s difficult for consumers to differentiate between brands. Product packaging is the most significant element a company can address that will set them apart from their competitors. Companies can create unique or humorous packaging to appeal to their target markets and make their brand recognizable.”

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